Magpie lark (Peewee)

Magpie Lark

Here we have the delicate and delightful Magpie-lark, (Grallina cyanoleuca), affectionately known as the Peewee, singing her little heart out!
The white throat shows this to be female, as the male has a black throat.

It is neither a magpie, nor a lark, but gets its name from the magpie colours and the lark-like song.
They pair for life and as their partnership lengthens and strengthens, their songs synchronise. They duet, and take turns to sing their love songs, with one taking over as the other finishes in short bursts, so that birds in long relationships can have such smooth transitions that they sound like a single bird in song

Not the most beautiful Australian bird, but one which I shall long remember from my trip as utterly enchanting

This was taken just behind the Esplanade in Cairns, Queensland, Australia.


4 thoughts on “Magpie lark (Peewee)”

  1. Oh I remember the Esplanade well. There were Beach Thick-knees there and I think some sharpies too. Did you go up into the Atherton Tableland? Its a great area.


    1. Hi Andrew! Oh yes we went to the Tableland several times and what a fantastic place. We stayed in Cairnes and visited from there and then to Port Douglas and visited from there too! Waterfalls, zoos, Mareeba Wetlands. Great place indeed


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