The Northern Plover or Peewit (Wild Bird Wednesday)

Northern Plover or Peewit
The Northern Plover, Green Lapwing or Peewit, a striking British bird

Happy Wild Bird Wednesday :0)

Click the link below to see photographs from many talented folk around the world and feast your eyes on our fine feathered friends!!

Wild Bird Wednesday

My Wild Bird Wednesday photograph from last week was the Australian Masked Plover. A great nature photographer whose blog I follow ( All downhill from here ) comes from England and now lives in Hong Kong was talking about the “Peewits he used to see in Hampshire, so this ones for you Andrew :0)

Here we have a charming and beautiful British bird, known variously as the Northern Plover, Green Lapwing and the Peewit, after the sound of its call. It goes by the scientific name of Vanellus vanellus. It was a common sight while I was growing up in Hampshire in England, but recent years have not been kind to it and due to loss of breeding grounds and changes in farming methods, its numbers have dropped dramatically and it is now on the Red List as threatened. I had not seen one for years, but on a recent visit to Elmley Marshes near my home in Kent, I came across a thriving population. A wonderful sight they were and a delight to hear their calling and their fast and erratic flight. I tried some flight shots but they resulted in what my Son would call “an epic fail”. They are crazy fast, but the main difficult is that they veer and change direction like no other bird I have seen. A challenge for another day I feel :0). Very similar in build, shape and and size to Plovers the world over and if you have seen my recent shot of the Australian Masked Plover, you can see a more than superficial resemblance

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8 thoughts on “The Northern Plover or Peewit (Wild Bird Wednesday)”

  1. Thank you James! I have fond memories of this bird too, from rural Herefordshire. When I left Britain I was living in Hertfordshire. Finding a Peewit was a real treat but there was a farm nearby where a few could be found in winter along with Golden Plover. As a small boy I remember being fascinated by the idea that a bird could have multiple names. This bird does turn up in HK where it is sought after by birders and photographers alike.

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