Delicate Spring Apple blossom

Selicat Spring apple Blossom
Beautiful Spring Apple Blossom in my garden in Sissinghurst, Kent England

On the Apple tree in my Garden in Sissinghurst Kent, UK. The tree was smothered with these beautiful blossoms last spring and a beautiful white climbing rose scrabbled through producing the most wonderful sight. Nine months on and a good crop of apples has come and gone and I can’t wait for these gorgeous flowers to emerge again this Spring!


7 thoughts on “Delicate Spring Apple blossom”

    1. My house was built in the orchard of a very grand house, and they left a single apple tree standing. They also planted a rambling rose at the base. As the delicate blossoms go the way of all flesh, the rose takes over and provides a long lasting and pure white covering which lasts for a whole lot longer than the apple blossom, so we get a hugely extended and rather wonderful display for several months, and then more fruit than we can possibly get through, so the local schools get to make apple juice which they sell. It is amazing the pleasure that one tree can bring :0)


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