The Sad Sentinel becomes a Happy Heron and says cheerio!

British Birds
Mull wildlife. Heron in flight over a Loch

Happy Wild Bird Wednesday :0)

Click the link below to see photographs from many talented folk around the world and feast your eyes on our fine feathered friends!!

Wild Bird Wednesday

My Blogmate, M-R, felt I was being hard on the cold and wet Heron in my recent post, so I revisit him today in a better light!
Suitably chastised and humbled, I am revisiting and show you the old man turn into a prince, and what a transformation it was :0)
Here is a link to the original where I showed you the grey Heron hunched up against the cold and rain, feeling much like I did. The sun came out and we parted company, with him flapping lazily across the Loch with the most delicate of breezes creating subtle lines of ripples on the water and the worst of the mist burning off to leave just a hint of grey to the scene. I love these birds!!